Keeping up With Gaming

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3 Responses

  1. Neschria says:

    I haven’t been playing anything other than No Man’s Sky lately. I got FF XIV and was enjoying it, but with so little time, I can’t see subbing right now… At least not until I get a new job. I have a non-gamer husband, and I want to get him to try one of my MMOs… Thinking maybe ESO or Wildstar. Any thoughts on a good game for converting the nongamer?

  2. pkudude99 says:

    Are you checking out Conan Exiles? — Can’t say that I have.

    What about ESO’s big announcement today? — I keep firing up ESO every so often, and since I played the hell out of TES3: Morrowind back in the day I have a HUGE soft spot for it, so… i think I’ll be buying the expansion and playing a lot more after it drops.

    Did you give For Honor a try? Haven’t even heard of this one.

    Head to PAX South? The only con I go to is my local comic con, and even there I’ve grown a bit bored with it and have stopped attending it either.

    For me, I’m mostly playing FFXIV on the pc, though I gave LOTRO a gander again this past weekend.

  3. Telwyn says:

    Gaming is my solace at the moment given the chaos that politics is in my home country and others that I follow closely. I’m having trouble sticking to games for long, but I think that’s more because there’s so much going on with expansions and content patches, than any great disaffection with MMOs.

    ESO’s a funny one for me. I’ve played most of the single player ES games (from Daggerfall onwards) but never stuck with them that long. ESO is appealing to me in one sense but I haven’t found it to be that engaging to play solo. Morrowind was a firm favourite with a friend of mine though so the coming of that region to the game may be a good time to reconsider it.

    I’m tempted by Conan Exiles as a possible game to play coop with a friend. I’m a bit bored with zombie survival games, so it’s something a bit different and has more of a gathering/environmental survival angle than pure “avoid getting killed” (we’ve been playing Dead Island recently). We’d probably be playing on a private server though as we’re solely interested in PVE and I guess even on a PVE server there’d be a lot of resource gathering competition.