A Response to a Response (or Time Management)

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3 Responses

  1. bhagpuss says:

    As I suspected you are vastly more organized than I am! Even so, it’s astonishing that it only takes you an hour to do all the KA solo and advanced solo dungeons. It would probably take me close on an hour to do one Advanced Solo instance, assuming I could do it all.

    I wrote something recently about gear in MMOs but I do have it in mind to say something specifically about the utterly insane stat inflation that EQ2 is currently either enjoying or suffering, depending on your perspective. Content that took me hours and hours to do at level when it was new (Phantom Sea dungeons for example) now take the same character a few minutes. Mobs that were a huge struggle only a year ago he now one-shots. And that’s with nothing more than simple quest-reward gear from KA.

    I’m going to install ACT soon just to heck numbers but from what I read on the forums DPS is now measured in millions and mob health in trillions. It’s insanity. How anyone is meant to create content for the potential range of abilities between a fresh 100 and a seasoned raider beats me – and beats the devs too much of the time.

    That said, EQ2 has a vast range of horizontal as well as vertical content so if you can’t do one thing you cna always go do something else instead. There are few MMOs to match it in that respect. In all the time I’ve played I’ve never really done current expansion Heroic content, far less current raids, but the aforementioned gear inflation means I’m always confident of coming back to whatever I’ve missed later on. These days, though, with just about all content being replicated as solo, advanced solo and Heroic, there’s not that much to wait for.

    It’s very interesting, and strange, to hear of the population issues on AB. On Skyfire, where I play outside of NA prime time, the place seems to be buzzing. All the PQs are well-attended every time they pop and I have yet to see any fail. People were complaining in general yesterday that the Iksar Hero was being killed too fast and they didn’t have time to get there.

    Did AB have an exodus when the server merges happened or what?

  2. stargrace says:

    From what I’ve heard, yes, most people moved off the server when there were free transfers. We’re the only server on the launcher that constantly shows as “low” population. Makes me incredibly sad, because it used to be the opposite for many years.

  3. bhagpuss says:

    Literally as I type this there is a big argument going on in General chat over CoH/CoV “failing” to get people to JW for the PQ and apparently the reason is the zone is full. We have two and sometimes even three instances of the PQ zones up most times I’m playing these days and as I said I don’t even play in NA prime. It certainly is a turnaround – I was on Freeport before the merge, which had gone from the busiest server back in the F2P days to a quiet backwater.

    Not sure whether I like it better busy or quiet. Maybe DBG should go for some kind of Megaserver or cluster tech like GW2 or WoW rather than merging.