How Gaming Influences

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  1. pasmith says:

    I’ve tried to get into watching Twitch a few times and failed. I just don’t enjoy watching people play games (I do use it for ‘pro’ events like press conference streaming or developer “here’s the state of our game” type events). It doesn’t help that virtually every gamer I’ve watched has been super annoying and the chat is almost always toxic.

    So I was really dubious about these “creative” streams. Imagine my surprise when I watched one and found myself really enjoying it. I think there are several reasons. First, the streamer is actually doing something that they’re usually focused on, so they’re not manic and they don’t seem to be afraid of a moment of silence here and there. Most game streamers never shut up. Second, they tend to be inspiring. I guess there are people who can watch an expert gamer and be inspired but I’m not one of them. For me games are about relaxing and I don’t often care to “get gud” so much as I want to have fun. So the fact that you can destroy your opponents in COD isn’t the slightest bit inspiring to me. But watching an artist or crafter create something amazing I find to be very inspiring. Third, the chat communities tend to be a lot more pleasant. And lastly, since the streams tend to be kind of quiet and low key, I can leave them on while I work without it being a constant distraction/annoyance (I love playing games but listening to a game I’m not playing is actually pretty annoying to me); sometimes it’s almost like the streamer is keeping me company. 🙂

    So yeah, I love the twitch creative stuff.

    Er, sorry this turned into a wall of text!