What am I Playing? What are You Playing!

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5 Responses

  1. Paul Williams says:

    heh, I just started playing Skyrim again the night before last. Already played it a ton as an archer and as a sword type. Now I’m trying to do destruction mage or battle mage, haven’t decided which yet.

  2. Scopique says:


  3. bhagpuss says:

    Where I live it seems to have been raining non-stop since last November so Summer weather is not an issue when it comes to deciding what, or whether, to play. I spend most of the time in GW2 with a second MMO always on the go – so far this year that slot has been filled by Blade and Soul, Black Desert, EQ2 and Dragomon Hunter. Currently I’m back leveling my magician in EQ – she should hit 90 today.

  4. Andrew says:

    Playing a lot of American and Euro Truck simulators . I’d like to get playing a good rpg game as soon as I find one I like. Looking forward to No Man’s Sky as well.

  5. pasmith says:

    Now that The Dark Brotherhood has finally arrived on consoles I’m back into that. Finished the main storyline on a character I created at launch and migrated to PS4. Not that I’m slow or anything.