Goodbye, My EverQuest 2 Friend

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3 Responses

  1. Omer Altay says:

    The world needs more people willing to defend others. Defending someone getting ganked for having an unpopular opinion was thoughtful. I think everyone needs to be more aware of the people around them. I think most people end up battling depression alone because their friends and family choose not to look for the signs. Assuming everything is fine just seems to be the norm. I know I’m going to be more thoughtful of the people around me after reading this. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Ysharros says:

    That growing isolation (self-inflicted though it may be) is really, really dangerous. Been there. We all need to keep reaching out — out from the isolation, and out to those who are isolating themselves.

  3. Kanter says:

    This is the second post I have read today about someone suffering depression that tried to commit suicide. The other was a child whose teacher reached out to them. Thank you for sharing this personal story of a difficult situation. Hopefully someone will each out like that teacher did and help someone realize that they are valued and that the world is a better place with them as a part of it.