Wurm Unlimited Releases on Steam

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2 Responses

  1. pasmith says:

    “and the game still has a huge learning curve” — that’s one of the reasons I like this version. I can learn at my own pace without feeling that “I’m paying a subscription for this, I need to get going” pressure, and if I mess up I can just re-start whenever I want.

    Just need to find time to get onto your server and starts stumbling about like a drunkard!

  2. Jeromai says:

    I hear the phrase, “you can set your own rate of skill gain,” and that immediately makes me perk up with interest. The original Wurm just couldn’t hold my attention with the supremely slow pace of skill gain (and more importantly, all the repeated failures from being at a low skill.)

    It’s kinda clever, given the popularity of small survival server style gameplay on Steam. As you suspect, this is mostly an audience that wouldn’t have been interested in the small mmo community feel of the original wurm server anyway.