A Castle to Call my Own

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  1. Hirvox says:

    My main base is usually pretty boring; Just a vaguely rectangular house or a series of underground tunnels. Usually the makeshift shelter I built on day 1 is still there when I’m done with that particular save. I think my most ambitious project was a floating obelisk. At that time I didn’t have the Elevator block from OpenBlocks, so the entrance was an ugly bridge. This time I plan to make a proper teleport pad a’la the original Naxxramas entrance.

    The most extensive project was probably the five-kilometer rail and road network connecting my original base to my castle and my halfway houses. And this was in Vanilla, so it was a miracle that things lined up as well as they did. I think I watched half of Ranma 1½ while getting the required cobblestone from a vanilla cobblestone generator.

    The Deep Dark is indeed interesting to visit.. at first. It really has no biomes, so it’s very easy to get lost there. Everything looks the same, so once you’ve seen the two special landmarks there you’ve seen it all. The ground level there is higher than in the overworld, so a quarry there will net you a bit more ores than in the overworld. On the other hand, the Deep Dark is very much worth it’s name, so you need a lot of light sources to set up that quarry safely. Frankly, it’s less of a hassle to have a quarry in the overworld and just move it once it reaches the bedrock.