A Tengu with 6 Launcher Hardpoints

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  1. Akely says:

    One of my pet peeves in EVE is the (frankly) stupid elitist opinion that there are a best fit. People go on about Stealth Bombers without Bomb Launchers, sub-optimal ammunition and what-not. And although there are ways to fit wrongly the truth of the matter is that if a fit works for the job it was build it is a good fit.

    A fit should reflect how you use the ship. Unorthodox solutions can be awesome in solving problems. This might be anything from fitting two Scrams and Blasters on a stealth bomber to fitting Neutralizers on a Heavy Interdictor. This is especially true when setting up a fleet. The fleets members should as w group be awesome, not as individuals.

    I’m so stepping of my soap-box now… 🙂