New Game Thursday – Sakura Spirit

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  1. Olphas says:

    I bought this one, too. But it’s a bit too passive for me. I love visual novels but I like them with at least some degree of interaction. I got the two “Hate”-Games (Analogue – a Hate Story and Hate plus) in the same sale.
    Now those two I couldn’t stop playing (or reading .. ). Very dark themes but very well written. It has a high focus on women in traditional, conservative societies and how such a society rises and falls. You read all these personal letters with two female AIs, who have very different views on all of this. It can be painful to read, because its really dark and it’s all through personal letters. It feels strangely meaningful to uncover what happened on the korean starship you have to investigate.
    Can really recommend them, but those are not light bedside reading.