Seeing Possibilities

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  1. Chris says:

    I can’t begrudge people the limits of their imagination, but I can lament them. Some folks just really can’t deal with an open ended situation. It overloads them with possibilities, or they need someone else’s star to steer by. For people like that, it’s probably not the creativity that drives them; those are the folks who need to be able to measure themselves against others using a predictable metric (gear score, achievements, levels), or are those who don’t consider themselves to be “creatives”, at least not to the point where they feel comfortable putting their creations on display (again, maybe because they don’t feel that they’ll measure up favorably to the creations of others).

    Your format is actually appropriate, as one of the things you’re illustrating is (in a way) roleplaying. Mechanics for the sake of mechanics are only interesting academically, IMO. The act of digging in EQNL is fun for the first few minutes, but if there was no purpose, it would get old quickly. The purpose can be to get materials out of the ground, and that’s practical. That’s where a lot of folks would draw the line if they claim to not understand why people are enjoying EQNL NOW. The reason why WE enjoy digging is because it’s a means to an end; we need the resources because we want to use them for a greater purpose. We want the materials to build and create because we see things that aren’t there, but which we can PUT THERE.

    In order to find the enjoyment of EQNL NOW (and in the future) people have to picture things that aren’t there (structures, opportunities, interaction) and be the ones to PUT THEM THERE. Even as it stands now, the game allows us to do this, and I suppose if people can’t see that, they won’t ever see it.