EA Games, I Just Don’t Like You #SimCity

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2 Responses

  1. Jaffa says:

    I love the SimCity series. I missed the earlier games, but SimCity 3000 ranks way up there with my most played games ever. The only reason I’m not rushing out to pre-order this iteration of SimCity is because I do not like the “thou shalt only play online” model, especially for games which are about creation. I don’t want my cities to exist only at the whim of EA choosing to keep the servers running.

    I still have all my Sc3K cities. Do I think that I ever will actually re-install SC3K and do anything with them? Maybe not, but I like that I could. If the reason for me not being able to go back and tinker with my favorite cities was because EA had turned off the servers, rather than just me having newer and shinier games to play, that would annoy me.

    So I debate pre-ordering this new SimCity. I might do so anyway, because, realistically, the servers will certainly be running long enough to be worth the $60 or $80 I spend on the game. But I might not. And if I don’t, and if I miss out on the pre-order bonus content, I’m even less likely to jump in and pick it up later.

    EA marketing strategists, make of that what you will.

  2. MrrX says:

    I’m part of the camp of not buying because of online only mode. It’ll be interesting to see your thoughts on it !