Pathing Back ‘Home’ #EQ2

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2 Responses

  1. Waldy Angeloak says:

    Very nice post. I’ve been following you for many months now.

    I almost looked you up after your previous Pirates101 post. I just started playing that too!

    And darn you! I played EQ and EQ2 for years. They were my first love so to speak. I left them a few months back since the graphics and fighting style just seemed so mundane compared to modern titles. But now I’m drawn back. Just haven’t pulled the trigger.

    Your last main paragraph nicely sums up my playstyle. I don’t know where I’ll be… but I’ll be having fun.

    safe journeys

  2. Niall says:

    Welcome home. If you need a partner for duoing, feel free to contact Sabarant (92nd lvl Barbarian Berserker) on AB, or Redwald (90th Lvl Freeblood Ranger) also on AB, or Thoradan (A 90th lvl Fae Ranger) on AB.

    They are all guilded, but are free from any guild commitments. They play out of Yuma, Arizona around 7-11 PST most nights.

    If you are looking for a new guild, then perhaps you might contact Jazabelle from Homes and Tomes, (als0 a collector of books and a decorator).

    For raid guilds, I’m not sure who you might contact.

    I hope your stay this time is long, enjoyable and prosperous.

    I post under Mary the Prophetess on the forums, and have sent you a number of books for your library through my various alts.