The Mines of Gloomingdeep (Revamped) #EverQuest

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1 Response

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I always loathed Gloomingdale, from the day it first appeared. It is better since the revamp, which was a while ago now (and maybe it’s been re-revamped – must be a year or more since I last was there) but “better” doesn’t mean “good”.

    I also can’t stand Crescent Reach, which has that ugly, grainy look that expansions around that time seemed to have and a physical layout that’s irritating in the extreme. Plus it’s full of those supposed dragon people who just look humans with a bad skin condition.

    When I make a new character I generally go to Qeynos Hills, Steamfont, North Ro or what I guess is now just The Commonlands. XP goes much slower, there are few if any tailored quests, I rarely get any drops worth having and Iu tend to have the place to myself. Just how I like it!

    I really must make time to get back to EQ for a while. I have logged in a few times over the summer but mostly just to take screenshots and pootle around The Bazaar. Last time I played regularly was the first few weeks of Fippy.