Inspirational Girl Gamer for January – Domino

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4 Responses

  1. coppertopper says:

    Just wanted to comment on here because one of Dominoe’s favorite books is by Vernor Vinge. If you are a sci-fi reader, his book ‘A Deepness in the Sky’ is the best of the genre that I have read in years. Highly, highly recommend it!

  2. Shar says:

    Tradeskilling in eq2 kept me subbing to eq2 long after raiding, and adventuring kept me interested in the game. I haven’t played all the mmo’s out there but from the ones I have played, crafting in eq2 was by far the most engaging and fun. And for that, Domino deserves the credit.

    Note: I came to the game after worts and all that subcombine business I often heard people talk about but never experienced myself.

  3. Jessawyn says:

    Domino is an amazing woman and the things she’s brought not only to the tradeskill community but to the decorating community have revolutionized the game and kept many of us loving it for years! She truly is deserving of much recognition!

  4. Owlchick says:

    Emily is simply the best. 🙂 She decorated both of my EQII houses for me, and I was blown away by her ingenuity and resourcefulness. I miss working with her! My butter tarts are nothing compared to hers! 😀