Making Myself a ‘Better’ Player #WoW #WorldofWarcraft

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3 Responses

  1. Hudson says:

    Yes but Elitist Jerks is well policed and keeps morons from posting there. Still the best reference for making yourself a good player

  2. Mr. Robot was tipped off about your post and is glad you like his gear optimizer 🙂

  3. John R says:

    Mm. As a long time WoW player, optimizer, former tankspot author, etc…. I think understanding the mechanics of the game is useful, and that sites like Ask Mr. Robot can help minimize the time put into twiggling the various numbers to get good results. But, especially in modern WoW, I think the importance of this is overemphasized. Back when raids had “gear-checks” optimizing to squeeze every last drop of DPS was critical. But these days, dungeons and raid bosses have complex “see and react” platformer like mechanics with very forgiving “putting up numbers” requirements. Any boss in modern WoW can be dropped with gear a full raid tier back, but it’s unlikely that you can succeed if you don’t react pretty much instantly to each “threat-warning.” If you approach each fight as MMO versions of “Simon Says” or “Super Mario” you will do much better.

    And yes, I know raiding has been trending that way for a long time, and that all the way back in classic there where “read and react” actions. But back then it was 20% read and react, 80% gear and talent optimization. Now it’s more like 85 – 90% read and react, with very little gear concerns. Spend your time accordingly, if you want to be the current “better player.” Don’t bother Mr. Robot until you’ve already read your boss strats (and maybe made a cheat sheet or two).