Tharridon’s Quarry and Quartermaster Krendal

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2 Responses

  1. MrrX says:

    I hadn’t really realized what the mantra “No Instances!” was going to mean until I started adventuring in Telon.

    This world is alive. You can lose your mobs if someone gets there first, and they have every right to do so. You might get trained so you have to be careful; on the flip side you can help out people in trouble much easier, and it even makes sense to do so.

    Compared to EQ2 for example, the world is much more alive. I remember the comments about we’re all playing a single-player/one group game; with other people who just don’t matter in the slightest. Someone getting chased by a mob ? Let them run it off. You might not be able to help them anyway due to encounter locking and such. And trains ? Not in EQ2.

    Now I want to get your life, where you have time for more than one sphere of this game 🙂 .

  2. stargrace says:

    That’s one aspect of Vanguard that I love the most. The fact that the world actually is alive. In WoW, even if you play on a pvp server, the chances that you’ll find a lot of world pvp (my favorite type, I hate battlegrounds which are pretty much just instances of pvp) are slim to none. Everyone is hiding out in instances and doing battlegrounds.

    The same can be said about EQ2. The chances of me running into a whole lot of people besides those farming things, are slim to none, everyone is off doing instances. Raids are restricted to 24 people so guilds are kept small. Everyone’s learned to use the /lock command so if someone’s running by I can’t even help. Mobs can’t be trained, or at least it’s very difficult, so I never felt like I was playing an MMO quite as much as I have felt with Vanguard, which then also has all of the complexities that I enjoy.. though at times I think they’ve taken it a wee bit too far.. (Four different sets of gear? Oy.. my bags are crammed with different sets for different spheres.. )