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  1. Joao Carlos says:

    I will stay, the people at my guild will stay. I know a lot of people that will stay. A guy at other forum said that VSoH made rangers be true rangers and as he is ranger fan he will stay. IMHO, the same is valid for a lot of other classes, VSoH made that classes be true to its spirit, eyou can see it playing a monk, a bard, a cleric, a necromancer.

    The problem with VSoH is that it is a game that goes against all the Sacred WoW Cannon:
    1- no instancing;
    2- slow grind;
    3- group oriented.

    So, the people get blind by their prejudices and will ever say that VSoH is not a good game, while who play it see that it is a good game.

    Whatever the Sacred WoW Cannon says, VSoH is a good game and the Earth is not flat.

    And about all the fuss about LOTRO. There is only one reason for play it. Fanboism.

    Ironic, don’t? Every blog that is now saying that LOTRO is the Game are the same blogs that discard any good commentary about VSoH saying that is a “vanboy” opinion. Only the bad opinions about VSoH are accepted.

    Mark my words, LOTRO will not be the big sucess these people are saying it will be. only fanboys are excited about it.