An Evening Stroll

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3 Responses

  1. João Carlos says:

    The problem with Kojan are two:
    1- it was the last continent made, so they don’t had time for finishing and polishing there (Thestra is more finished and polished);
    2- it is an archipelago… so you need swimm or get a boat to find the content, because the content is sprawned all vover diferent isles… believe me, there are isles there with level 40 mobs…

    With relation to grind all 3 spheres, each sphere demand a lot of time. You really cannot advance all spheres at same time and mantain the grind pace with someone that is advancing only one sphere. So, the players need decide if they want to stay behind everyone or try only one sphere for mantain level near friends. Eventually the player community will split at adventurers, crafters and diplomats. Is uppose that most harversters will be adventurers, the adventurers can go where the crafters with low level at adventuring can go.

    But remember that the spheres are interdependent. So the 3 communities will need intereact and trade. My advices here:
    1- only the drops from named boss mobs can compare with a player made item; while you quit crafting, it is a good idea go look for things the crafters are making; I am sure you can find very good gear being made by outfitters (cloth) and artificers (wood weapons and jewelry) and that items are very good;
    2- don’t quit harvesting, that can be a good money maker at higher levels; an adventurer can go where an crafter cannot go and can harvest tier 4 resources; so it is a good idea advance harversting to tier 4;
    3- diplomacy is the most incomplete sphere until now; the parley game is very fun, but they will implanting next two months the class system (300 skill for get a class) and the merchant system (the best way to get money); aparently some places have the writ system implanted (embassies); however, all the pieces not present at the moment need high skill diplomacy (200 up, 300 up for classes), so you can advance it for now and wait the next two month when they implant the high diplomacy;
    4- maybe be time for you find a good guild; a good guild will have some division of labor; one player cannot shine at same time as adventurer, crafter and diplomat, so diferent players can work it sharing diferent tasks; and a good guild have all incentive for treat the crafters and diplomats very well, crafters make very good gear and diplomats open dungeons and control the commerce; I am currently making plate armor for my friends at DwarvenHolt guild, they bring me the ore and dust, I make the armor, I get extra ore and dust for craft items for sell, and everyone that look at a DwarvenHolt player will see my armor; soon I will start to make iron armor, but my objective is MYTHRIL armor; and DwarvenHolt guild is planing start to build Khazad-Dum (a player city) soon… and while not so dwarvish, we plan dominate the seas too (ok, soon some ships from our artificers…).

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 19/ armorsmith 20

  2. MrrX says:

    Thanks for noting all this about offensive and defensive targets. This is something I’m going to have to look at the next time I’m grouped up; I’ve more or less ignored it to date.

    Being a druid, and therefore a nuker, I haven’t had to worry about it yet much. Pick a mob and start blasting has been my group experience. Still, last thing I want to do is cast buffs on the wrong guy somehow.

  3. Shadowgeist says:

    Whats worse is blowing a heal (like lay on hands)that’s meant for yourself and forgetting you have a defensive target, healing them, and dieing, and then watch the other person die since you aren’t tanking for them anymore. 🙂