Diplomacy and Crafting

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  1. João Carlos says:

    Quests for craft a ship start at level 20+ artificer. There are diferent ships, the lower level ships are small and are for cross rivers or near shore travel, the higher level ships are big and can cross the ocean. Ships need a lot of wood to be crafted.

    Artificers can specialize to two diferent lines: carpentry (wood) and mineralogy (rock). Carpenters get quests for craft ships. Mineralogists get quests for craft houses. Carpenters will make wood items, so they can gain some money selling bows and arrow and clubs. Mineralogists can make some money selling jewels. House and ship crafting is big business, need a lot of resources for craft a small one.

    At the first ten levels a crafter will stay with the task orders. After level 10 the crafter will have the skills and recipes for craft some items will sell at market (bags, copper armor, copper weapons). I am level 14 armorsmiht and I cannot make a grade A tin armor, but I can make copper armor grade A that sells for a few silver pieces.

    So, yes, there is ship crafting in game. But need a lot of effort to craft one. It is not low level crafting, level 20 an up. My guess that smaller ships will sell for some gold pieces, the great ships will sell for platinun pieces. I said they they will need a lot of wood, didn’t? I heard something like 1000 wood for the small ones.

    To craft one is the chalenge. Not easy. Not fast. Not prone. A lot of effort. I think we will see the first small ships being made at one or two weeks, but the big ships will need one or two months. Adn if ships need tier 4 wood that will need more time, maybe 3 or 4 months. Tier 4 resources don’t come easylly, too many level 30+ mobs around, and there is no one now that have 400+ lumberjack skill.

    Diplomacy… need strategy to use that cards. Only a few players know how that strategy will work, everyone is making exactly that, “just go with my instinct and play whatever card I think will work”. You aren’t alone at that, everyone is following instint. A consequence is that sooner or later everyone find the “ubeatable” NPCs. The NPCs that no one know how to beat. IMHO, a lot of that unbeatable are beatable, need find the right strategy for win. I’d say: learn to use your rebut and repeal cards. Faith at your cards work only for Yugiho…

    There is a diplomacy channel. With luck you can get a good advice for beat the unbeatable there.

    After the newbie diplomacy exist the Civic Diplomacy. No quests at civic diplomacy, you are free to try every NPC in city or outpost. Each NPC is a traget to civic diplomacy and there are consequences…

    There is a command /flush. That clean the ram and the graphics go normal.

    Ca’ial Brael… I think it is one of most amazing cities in game. It is a killer city. Graphically and literally… a lot of low level players die all day there from jumps.

    Yes, I am rude.

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 12 / armorsmith 14