Laying Down the Law

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2 Responses

  1. João Carlos says:

    So, VSoH is not so bad as you said at your first post?

    I see…

    Play without you prejudices. You will learn to like the graphics…

    You get grafts at level 10, when you receive a spell for “harvest” corpse parts. Not all mobs drop corpse parts and the best corpse parts drop from more dificult mobs. But at lower levels you can get a poison attack or a stun attack for your pet, that helps.

    Level 5 huh? You saw nothing. That village is newbie area, before level 10 you will move to Tanvu. At Tanvu, try diplomacy.

    Read the quests. I assume you don’t started the Jin quests. There are lore there.

    And why you play only humans? And kojanese humans?
    Kojan is the smallest piece of land at all Telon! An archipelago, the islands are small. No big country! Try something at Thestra or Qalia (except gnome, don’t try gnome, they live inside a cave, punt any gnome you see but don’t play gnome).

    Get a Dark Elf and go evil! You know (ops, you don’t know), first Dark Elf quest they send you to kill the other slaves to prove you are evil… (well, goblins and orcs are evil, but at least the first quest is for free other slave, not for kill the other slaves… mmmm, okay there are that quest for feed the humans to the wolf, goblins and orcs are evil).

    If you really like Kojan (well, it is chinese/japanese/korean style, it is diferent from a normal rpg), try a half-elf or a raki or a wood elf or a goblin or an orc. Why human?

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 12/ armorsmith 14

  2. stargrace says:

    First of all, please don’t be rude in comments, or I’ll just simply not approve them any more, which is not something I want to do. Second of all.

    I made humans and kojanese specifically because I’m playing with friends, who also have these characters, and suggested them to me. Not that it should matter any in the slightest.

    I also made a dark elf, so that ‘ops, you don’t know’ comment was slightly out of line. I started with a dark elf necromancer when I first bought the game, and hadn’t posted at all about it.

    Whether I’m level 5, or level 50, it’s enough to get a generalization about how the game moves, how the graphics look, and whether or not I’m going to actually enjoy the game. And yes, opinions change. I’m not saying anything here that a hundred people haven’t already said, especially about the asthetics of it.