Mr. Steamsworth feels the burn

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3 Responses

  1. MrrX says:

    Glad you had fun with the Ashen Order. I loved taking on those group of 18 monks, but it left me battered and close to death so I only did it once. Have to try again when my arts are all upgraded in another, oh, 15 AA points.

    Incinerate is awesome, even if I want to dump Sol Ro to do more god quests. If I can only drag enough people to Sol’s Eye so I can finish quest #5 soon…………..

  2. Adele Caelia says:

    Congrats! Very busy!

  3. Gothun says:

    Ooo, wait for me on the Sol Ro quest! I only need..47 levels.. =(

    But anyways, my wizard is a quester too. I noticed you get mad AA when you do certain quests. And I’ve proven it, seeing as my wizard is only level 23 and has 18 AAs already. It’s taking forever to level up like that though, soloing the hard quests is, well, hard.

    Grats on the title, I hope to have it soon as well. =)