Gold Seller Spam, ew

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3 Responses

  1. Lishian says:

    I am often tempted at buying some gold, but never do. It really does annoy me to get spammed ingame and I would be even more pissed if they got to me elsewhere. Sorry about the spammers.

  2. Adele Caelia says:

    I hate them too. I have that google adsense on my site, and I am supposed to be able to filter ads I don’t want on my site out, but no matter how often I put in the URL to one of those farming sites to block it, it comes back the next day with a new web address. They must have 100+ domain names, so I am thinking I may have to just take the ads off.

  3. wilhelm2451 says:

    I got three comments from gold sellers this weekend, though compared to the number of auto insurance spam comments I get, three was nothing at all!