Relic Gem List

** note: Must be 65+ to hand in the armor + gems at the forge **

Chest: 3 pristine Moonstones
Legs: 3 exquisite Emeralds
Shoulders: 3 exquisite Malachites
Forearms: 3 exquisite Onyx
Head: 3 exquisite Opals
Hands: 3 exquisite Peridots
Feet: 3 exquisite Pearls

Chest Piece – 3 Pristine Chrysoberyls
Legs – 3 Immaculate Bloodstones
Shoulders – 3 Immaculate Nephrites
Forearms – 3 Immaculate Gold Beryls
Head – 3 Immaculate Sapphires
Hands – 3 Immaculate Garnets
Feet – 3 Immaculate Amethysts

Chest: Pristine Ruby x3
Legs: Flawless Azurite x3
Shoulder: Flawless Rose Quartz x3
Forearm: Flawless Turquoise x3
Head: Flawless Amber x3
Gloves: Flawless Red Beryl x3
Boots: Flawless Jade x3

Head: 3 Refined Aquamarines
Chest: 3 Pristine Obsidians
Shoulders: 3 Refined adamantite

Forearms: 3 Refined Quartz
Hands: 3 Refined Topaz
Legs: 3 Refined Black Pearls
Feet: 3 Refined Rubies

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