Climbing up the Ranks


It’s hard to tell here, but my little Chua is standing on top of a rock face, that she reached while jumping on top of geysers. This was part of my explorer path adventure, and I really had a lot of fun with it, although I’m not a fan of the extra pressure that a timer brings.

I managed to get some play time in last night, and my Chua Esper is happily sitting at level 12, after having gotten three levels. Things have gotten a lot harder, I find I have to pay attention to what mobs I encounter, especially if they’re a level or two higher than me. Lower level mobs don’t typically prove to be any problem, but you know there’s always that one.

I have been taking advice off of the forums while I level. Things like don’t constantly repair, because you’re just going to obtain new gear as you level anyway. I haven’t gotten into any crafting yet, but my bag is becoming nice and full of crafted goods.

I’m well behind the leveling curve compared to most of my friends but that doesn’t really bother me. I can take my time without feeling any pressure. Like I mentioned yesterday, the game does require me to be “on the ball” more often than not, so I can’t just randomly play it in down time. My next goal is to get to 14 so I can finally experience some housing, and have a place to drop off all of these crafting items that I keep getting.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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The Little Chua who Could


The saying “when you work on games you never have time to play any games” is certainly true in my case. My little Chua (named her Chobits) is level 10, finally. I was having one heck of a time clearing out Stormseeker Village because of a bugged quest. It was the one where you need to play with some disciples of water. Clicking the quest item didn’t actually show anything on my screen, and I had no idea what I should be interacting with. I spent a few hours running around pressing T and trying to get things to work and interact with nothing happening.

I eventually reloaded my UI, and ta-da, when you click that T, a lightning ball shows up, and THAT is what you’re supposed to be interacting with. Go figure! Once I could see that little ball of fun I managed to complete the quest (finally) and move on.

Because I’m still only level 10, I don’t own a house. This makes me sad! I look at everyone else and their amazing creations and I can’t help but want to create something too. My boom box rewards have all been housing so far, minus this morning that rewarded me with an elder gem. I also haven’t gotten into crafting yet, though I may hold off on that until I earn some more coin. I’m just over 2 gold at level 10, and I know things get expensive. I’m also going to hold off on buying a mount until I can use my free hoverboard. I don’t mind walking around.

For me, WildStar is unlike other games I play. It requires me to pay attention every little second, so it’s an intense game. I can’t slack off or I’m going to step in a telegraph and die. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, it’s just different.

So far one of my favourite things has been chasing a lopp around for my path quest. I had to follow them all over at high speed, I am pretty sure my eyeballs didn’t blink the entire time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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Working away on Xanadu

wurm.20140616.0129_2The new deed is coming along very well. So far I have terraformed the portions that I want to work on, have the starts of a great mine (exposed 8 iron nodes so far), have 3 animal pens and begun breeding horses, started a workshop, and roughed out my dock. I also decided to start up another Fo priest, completing the alliance with one of each priest. Yetian has a Magnaron priest, Vannin has the Vynora, and I’m back with Fo. I still feel as though Fo is an under powered priest compared to others since they don’t really do many enchants without requiring a link, but c’est la vie. At least I can charm, and enchant mailboxes. The priest does require quite a bit of work, they have no skills at all, so I’ll want to get going on some nature skills eventually. Farming, cooking, and those sorts of things.

I’m really enjoying the server so far. It’s enormous. I can’t see myself ever getting bored when there’s so many places to explore. I have started to wander out from my deed quite a ways, headed west, which is the “mainland”. Though the entire continent is broken up by smaller islands it seems. The map has been useful, but it’s quite hard to judge the size of everything so far.

I don’t miss the place on Pristine at all, even though I left many things behind (including my rare forge). Hopefully everyone else stays as interested with it as I have been. Wurm Online is still one of the most relaxing games I have ever played, and I think that’s the major contributing factor to me enjoying it as much as I do.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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Welcome to Xanadu


One of the best parts of Wurm Online is that they bring up new servers every so often. The latest server was Xanadu, which has a few unique features that other servers don’t have. First of all, it’s gigantic. It’s the largest server currently available. That means there’s LOADS of room for you and all of your neighbours without stepping on one another. Of course that doesn’t stop the shoreline from being completely pillaged by landgrabbers, but still, lots of room.

You also don’t need a settlement form in order to place a deed on this server. Instead you can create a deed stake with a carving knife and a shaft. You do still need the silver in the bank to place a deed, so it’s just like purchasing the form without having to run to a trader.

Of course I wanted to check out this glorious new server, so I decided to re-premium my “old” main, Stargrace, who I have not played in quite some time. It felt good to be using the character again. She has been neglected ever since I decided to play on Pristine. Speaking of which, with Xanadu, the servers of Pristine and Release finally get connected to the rest of freedom. Granted they are on the far side of Xanadu so it’s quite a sail, but the option is there.

My new deed is 31 x 23 which is quite a lot of room for me, and I’m excited about it. I haven’t decided yet what I’m doing with the space, but I did open a mine (utmost iron, yay) and start a ramp that leads from the water up to the top of my property which is on a moderate hill. It’s surrounded by mountains, and two alliance members also made the move, so there’s a lot going on. New servers are always great for bringing in new blood.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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Farewell River


Yesterday a bunch of us video game bloggers and twitter friends and G+ families heard that we lost one of our own. Christopher “River” Cavelle passed away. He was young, and he wasn’t someone I would say I typically got along with – but that doesn’t matter, I followed his posts and opinions anyway because I think a difference in opinion is a good thing, and River was always very vocal with his. I remember one of his final tweets (though I doubt he knew it would be his final) mentioned that he was going to be “streaming his pee” later that evening. A joke about video game streaming. It still makes me giggle. I marked it as a favorite it at the time.

There has been an enormous outpouring of support from friends and family, both in blog posts dedicated to River, and in a facebook remembrance page set up in his honor.  I never got to know him in person, but I read through all of the comments and pictures others shared, and you can just tell that he was an amazing person.

You will be missed.

Farewell River.

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