Unlocking Sims 4 Rewards


I continue to play my legacy family in the Sims 3, despite the fact that the family has lost their dog (and I placed their horse up for adoption). Tristan is growing up happy and healthy, and because of a great upbringing he has managed to earn himself the good, genius, and computer whiz traits. Even though he’s still a youth I sent him off to learn about inventing, and I think he may even go to university at this rate.

Of course his father, M.D. Little, may not live to see him get that far in life if the screenshot above is any indication. He has taken a liking to playing with fire, while the maid runs in to save him from the flames.

I saw on a Sims 3 banner that you can unlock rewards in Sims 4 based on the expansions you own in Sims 3. Pretty awesome and of course I had to look into it and see what I qualified for. I am so very excited about Sims 4. That’s probably why I have been spending so much time in Sims 3 lately. I’m hoping they have enough generic content from the get-go to keep me interested, it has been ages since I’ve played a ‘basic’ sims game without all of the expansions, and I’m wondering how much I will miss things like pets and vacations. I suppose we’ll just have to see!

The Ultimate
Freezer Bunny Award
Your adventures in The Sims 3 have earned you the grandest of all reward statues: Llama, the Freezer Bunny, and Plumbob. Who could ask for more?
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As if it wasn’t Monday Enough..

Screenshot-50See that black rock over by my pond that’s frozen over as a skating rink in the sims 3? It’s a giant meteor that fell from the sky, and landed in my families back yard. See that giant ball of flame on the far left hand side? That.. is my family dog.

It was as though the universe was trying to tell me “Hey look, it’s Monday. Have another reason not to like Monday’s.” – it’s also probably the funniest thing I have ever seen in game. My legacy sim (Jessica Little) was out minding her own business, skating around the pond when she looked up to the sky and BAM a giant rock fell and landed on Mr. Boots Little.

I spent the entire afternoon playing Sims 3 once my chores were done (remember, I work night shift) and it was a blast. I revamped the entire legacy house a few times (keeping on the same lot, of course) and the family is doing well. Little Tristan is a youth now, Daisy was given up for adoption (that’s the horse) and Lilia the kitty is aging gracefully though I still find her in the toilet. Often.


Although the family lost Mr. Boots, they did gain a giant meteor that sold for $27,000 and that greatly improved the quality of life for the Little family. Tristan was able to grow up in a nurturing household, and M.D. Little has aged to elder and should be kicking off any day now. Not that I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that, of course not, it would be cruel.

I’m hoping to get a few more generations of my legacy family all grown up before Sims 4 comes out and I lose all interest (I doubt I’ll lose ALL interest, after all I have so many expansions and addons for Sims 3..) but we’ll just have to see how it goes. All in all, it was a lovely break away from ‘real’ people, and I’m continuously surprised by the little details that I have still never seen each time I play (like that meteor.. never seen that before in any of my games).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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Gaming Communities


It used to be that when someone was commenting about a game community (normally a forum for that game) I used to get offended, thinking “hey now, it’s not ALL bad, after all I am a part of that community!” – turns out, no, no I am not. I used to think that when a community had gone south, it was up to all of us to pull together and lead by example to turn it around – but this is also unrealistic. Maybe it’s because I’m older now, or maybe it’s because I have less tolerance with how I spend my free time, but these days it is very rare that I ever feel a part of an “official” gaming community.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still belong to groups of players – I do, but you won’t typically find us on any official forums to any games. Instead you’ll find us sequestered away in our own little area, interacting with one another but very rarely with the outside world.

It doesn’t matter what game it is (actually, I can think of one but I’ll mention it later) almost every single game out there that has a forum is host to a ‘toxic’ type of community. I don’t think these people represent the bulk of gamers, or even the bulk of gamers for those games because of one very simple thing. Players who are happy and content with their game are very rarely ever posting on the forums. They’re busy playing. Sure there are a few instances when someone may need some help, or want to look something up, but for the most part when you’re happy, you’re playing. Again this is just my personal experience, your mileage may vary. So where am I hanging out if not on official forums? Well, you can find me on Anook where I have a profile set up, as well as Player.me which is a new site I just joined up with last week. Of course I’m also on twitter and google plus and a few other places too, but aside from this web site and the two links above I tend to keep a pretty low profile. I would like to think that communities are not always this way, but so far I don’t have much proof. There are, of course, exceptions. Sims 3 forums have never been that bad – for me – but I don’t participate in a huge way, I mostly hang out in some very specific areas. Wurm Online forums are alright too, but those forums are highly moderated and the user base is quite small compared to other games.

It’s a bit of a shame, because I would love to meet more people, but I just can’t handle that sort of behaviour. Maybe I need to join a ‘get off my lawn’ forum or something, hehe.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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Really Dang Excited

I know I have already talked a bit about upcoming games, but let me say again, I am so excited. Sims 4 is just days away, and following that, Fable Anniversary. I have been on a bit of a fable kick but unable to play it on my PC having missed out on the Fable 3 game before it was removed. I looked around for some other copies of it but didn’t have any luck. I do own it for the XBox 360, but since I don’t actually have that console system here with me (I left it behind when I moved) it makes it a bit difficult to play.

I have always been curious about the time that these games release, it seems like fall / early winter is a very popular time. Personally I’m the opposite, I would rather game in the summer when it’s too hot to go outside. Fall and winter I’m typically busy as those are my favourite times of the year. It’s not a bad thing by any means, but it does make the wallet hurt a bit. I suppose it’s important to get all of these games out before the Christmas rush.

I’m not sure what game I am most excited about. Sims 4, Fable Anniversary, WoD, or the EQ2 expansion. I think for now those are the only games on my radar, but I have no doubt that more will join the bunch. What about my dear readers, is there any one game out there in particular that you’re incredibly excited about releasing soon?

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Another Alt? Sure Why Not!


I love my swashbuckler but she’s not exactly great DPS when it comes to single target encounters. In a lot of dungeons the boss encounter is a single target you need to DPS against. That being said, tonight I decided why not try an assassin. I’ve never played one before (I know, with all of my alts that is hard to believe) and so I boosted one with station cash to 85, and then took her through a few dungeons before calling it a night (I do have to work at midnight after all).

Level 89 later, I enjoy the class quite a bit, plus the heroic characters get some pretty neat looking armor (pictured above). I also dragged my paladin along for the fun, and she managed to reach 340 aa (the current cap is 350). The amount of experience it takes to get from 340-350 aa is quite insane. Right now only my swashbuckler has met that requirement.

I decided to 3 box it tonight. I was playing a berserker, my paladin, and the assassin. Granted one of the three didn’t actually DO much (it’s hard to swap between all the accounts, I only have two monitors) but I didn’t do too bad. It was nice to be able to use the 3rd account as the main tank so that it didn’t matter what two other characters I played. Normally I have to play a tank / something else combination because my squishy characters can’t really hold their own. So it ends up being my shadowknight or my paladin combined with whatever I feel like working on. With the berserker I have a bit more freedom. I know, the last thing I needed was yet another alt, but eh, why not.

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