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A Collection of Bad Horses

wurm.20150123.1143I was really excited when I finally hit 40 animal husbandry because that meant that I would be able to see the majority of traits that my horses could obtain. What I was less excited to discover was that a lot of my horses had been breeding with negative traits, so they passed those traits down to their offspring. I used to run a priest who could cure these negative traits, but now I run only one account, so I need to cull my herds the usual way.

I had around 30 horses in total, but after I removed those with negative traits I found myself back down to 23. This isn’t a bad number to work with, I have 8 pairs set with 7 extra females that don’t have a mate. I have my first four speed, and I’m hoping to continue to breed them. Eventually I’d like to remove the grey horses from the herd and continue on with the gold / white / black / brown versions, but right now I don’t have enough horses to be able to do that.

Bridges still have not made their way into game, which I was really looking forward to. In the meanwhile, construction on my deed continues. I have a few more fences to put up and then I want to begin creating my tailoring shop. I completed my Woodworking building, and I really enjoy having a place for everything. I’m also still working on a guard tower that I haven’t completed yet, that will probably be my next project. It’s fairly simple, just a lot of attaching and I need to create a handful of bricks and dig up more clay. Once the guard tower is complete I’ll finish off the fences that are partially done, and then the tailor shop, and after that – I’m not sure. I haven’t planned that far in advance yet. I’m glad that the work on the deed is nearing completion, and then I can focus on raising whatever skill I have interest in. Maybe back to weaponsmithing? We’ll just have to see. Wurm Online is still one of my favourite games to play, it’s just so incredibly relaxing. If you happen to play, feel free to give me a poke! My name in-game is Stargrace, and I have cross server tells enabled. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Lets slay a Forest Giant


I thought I had logged in too late to participate in the Forest Giant slaying on Xanadu but it turns out I was right on time. The creature had been holed up under ground and locked away from the public until it was go-time, so we spent a few minutes gathering, a few more minutes being added to the mine door, and then we went into the mine to take the creature down. There were over 90 of us in local chat, though not quite that many were actually attacking the creature. One of the main rewards you can get is blood which can be crafted into a potion and then applied to a tool. In this case the potion is for woodcutting, which is certainly one I will make use of.

There is also a ‘giantslayer’ title associated with killing the creature, so long as you get a hit. Unlike other unique killings that I have been to, people were very eager to help out and backed off of the mob to allow others in. This ensured that everyone who was there could get credit for the kill.

The only downside was that because this is Xanadu, I had quite a hike to get to the location. First I used the /suicide command to kill myself, and respawned at one of the starter towns. I choose Summerholt because it was the closest location. Then I used karma, and summoned my corpse to me. Finally I started out on foot to the location, but a short while in I crossed through some desert, and found a handful of horses grazing, so I used one of those to ride the rest of the way. Once the event was over I used more karma and gated home. I love being able to use karma to gate and summon my corpse, but it’s a pricey adventure and not something I can do with any frequency.

Still, I had a great time. I love the decision to make uniques not as ‘unique’ and now they respawn. This gives other players the chance to partake in some very epic battles.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Xanadu Impalong

wurm.20141217.1141Once or twice a year, depending on the server, a player run event takes place called an “impalong”. Started years ago, this event brings together wurmians of all walks of life, for games, contests, community, and of course, improving items.

The basics of the event are simple. Players bring their tools and armor to a deed that has typically been built just to host such an event. You label the items with your name, and put them inside of containers like forges, where volunteers will come over the course of a few days and ‘improve’ the item, usually to a maximum of 70 quality unless you discuss the options with the individual doing the improving. The way deed and housing permissions work only those who have placed the item inside of the container, along with the imp team who are added to the guest list of the house, can remove the item – so the chances of the item going missing are relatively slim. That doesn’t mean mistakes are not made or that there are not bad people out there, you of course have to be cautious (this is wurm, after all).

I decided to attend the impalong this year, bringing with me all sorts of prizes for the organizers to give out, including a rare saw, rare 2h sword, and  a rare hatchet. I managed to gain quite a bit of skill in carpentry and blacksmithing, and made some new friends. Over all, I had a wonderful time. The event runs for three days, so if you happen to play on Xanadu and want to check it out, there’s still time.

Challenge Servers


Wurm Online is an interesting game. Every year or so a new ‘thing’ happens that causes a brief influx of characters. This is typically another server, and this year was no different except that the rules on the new server are completely different than what players are used to. The new server is called Storm, and it’s considered a “challenge” server. Skillgain on Storm goes SUPER fast, you can reach 90 in a matter of hours. It is also a pvp server, though I think the Wurm Online team constantly over estimates how many people want to play PvP.

The server gets wiped every month. You lose your village, get back the typical disband amount, and keep your character but have to start fresh (fresh stats). There’s no premium required for this server but you do have to pay the usual amount for deeds if you want to place one.

Personally, I don’t see the thrill. I made a character there and yes the skill gains are very fast, but knowing that everything will reset every month makes for very boring repetitive gameplay (for me personally). Nothing will last. Some players wanted the old servers to be fixed / changed instead of adding new servers, the PvP servers especially. Adding yet another server just thins the population on already quiet servers and doesn’t make them much fun when 90% of the game is based on player interaction (whether it’s from PvP, trade, etc). It also makes priests useless as they require almost a full month to gain priesthood and their skills are not changed (you have to pray 5x a day). I’m sure it will be fun to the small group who enjoy focused pvp, but I would be surprised if it got the turn out that the team expected.

6 Months of Progress in Wurm Online


Wurm is one of those delightful games where your work is never done. It has infinite replayability, and every time you play it the game is going to be different. I haven’t done a lot of Wurm posts this year, but I’ve still been playing. Back in June I made the move from Pristine to Xanadu, a giant megaserver that was opened. Xanadu differs from the other servers in the fact that there are no personal traders allowed. Those are the NPC you can purchase for 50 silver from starter town merchants (other traders). It’s also gigantic compared to the other servers. I have barely explored any of it where as I was quite familiar with Deliverance, Pristine, and a good portion of Exodus.

I’ve been at this deed location for 6 months now, and I love it. I haven’t purchased any other deeds (which is new for me, typically I own a handful) and I have no intention of moving (though I would like to explore a bit more). My deed is not done but a good portion of it is. There is still a path leading up to my mine that I’m working on, my olive and grape farms need some more sprouts, and I’m contemplating a larger house for my character (but we’ll see, it’s mostly just to use up space). The deed is 41 x 37 which is a fair size, and upkeep is 3 silver 3 copper and 40 iron. I don’t own any guards so that helps the cost quite a bit. I have roughly 25 horses but most of them are grey and I’m only keeping that many so that I can work my animal husbandry skill and try to get the elusive 5 speed. Once I get a higher AH skill and some more colours I’ll cull them.

My buildings are pretty sparse, and I’m thinking of working on that. I think I want a separate building for tailoring and smithing. Right now I have one large workshop for everything. I also have a building that servers as a kitchen, with my pantry and ovens. I have a stable running along the back of the deed, and a small 2×2 personal home. I’ve seen some fantastic elaborate homes on the forums, and I’m contemplating building something more extravagant. We’ll see I suppose. I dislike making mortar, but I do have an infinite supply of clay, so it could be worse.

Then of course there’s my mine. It’s quite small. I have contemplated setting up another deed for the chance at a larger mine, but I’m not sure if I really want to. I have enough iron to keep me busy for the next few years, maybe once I have exhausted those sources I’ll contemplate another. I’d like to get a few more different types of ore.. We’ll just have to see how that goes.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!