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Keeping Up With The Gamers #MMORPG

If you’re one of those gamers who likes to taste a little bit of every game, this has probably been an expensive year for you. Whether you’re only interested in MMOs or if that extends to single player, it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Back To Marelybone #Wizard101 #W101

A general warning: This post is a mishmash of ideas and thoughts combined with my gaming session in Wizard101, so it sort of bounces around a lot. My apologies. This day in age, it’s hard to support all of the … Continue reading

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Holiday Events In Our Games of Choice #MMORPG #EQ2 #WoW #Rift #W101 #GW

Hard to believe that today is already December 15th – where does the time go! My apologies for those who may have been trying to access MmoQuests these past few days. My host was hacked and so the site has … Continue reading

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Waiting on The Gift Giving Tree #Wizard101

I mentioned over at Nomadic Gamer that KingsIsle has a fantastic charity drive going on right now where players can purchase a seed for 2500 crowns (approx $5 worth) and grow The Gift Giving Tree (pictured above). I love the … Continue reading

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What Are We Waiting For #LotRO #W101 #WoW #EVE

It seems to be the time of year where we’re all waiting for things in our various games. The only exception (for me personally) at this time is EQ2, which has been abysmally quiet. The server merges have not taken … Continue reading

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