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What’s Your Favourite Type of Crafting?

I love crafting. It doesn’t matter what game I play, chances are I’m going to get involved. That doesn’t ┬ámean I like every type of crafting though. One of my least favourite crafting methods is the one you find in … Continue reading

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Goodbye Vanguard, from a Guide

I have been thinking about how to word this post ever since they made the announcement that Vanguard would be shutting down and I still can’t seem to find the proper words. I played in beta and immediately fell in … Continue reading

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My Favorite Vanguard Memories

It wasn’t a surprise when I heard tonight that Vanguard would be closing its doors, but that doesn’t mean that I was any less surprised, and maybe even a bit hurt. Still, 7 years is nothing to sneeze at, most … Continue reading

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What Are We Playing? #MMORPG

I would really like to request a do-over for this week (and even last weekend). Instead of dwelling on all of the negativity that is currently all over my gaming streams lately, I’m going to just do a brief post … Continue reading

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SOE Live and Vanguard #Vanguard

SOE Live is only 9 days away and while a majority of people this year are eagerly awaiting news on EQNext (I am assuming) I am looking forward to what we may hear concerning Vanguard. Yep, that quiet little game … Continue reading

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