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A Not-Much-Gaming Week


Unlike most weeks I have, this one has been lacking the usual passion I exude for video games. I work night shift (midnight to 8am) and once that’s done I do my daily chores and by the time THAT is done it’s noon and I only have a bit of time before I’m headed back to bed so I can get up again for work. A typical work week for anyone, right? Needless to say, I just haven’t had the energy to play much of anything. I have been taking care of my farms and crops in Wurm Online, as well as logging into WoW to do some garrison work, but aside from that my evenings have been filled with books and soft blankets (my preferred method of relaxing). After creating my character in Dragon Age and playing through the opening scenes, I haven’t managed to go back to it yet. I’m hoping when I have more time over the weekend I’ll find my gaming vim again and play more.

My priest is still 97, her garrison is going well. My warlock is 92 and I’m hoping to level up the rest of my alts to 92 and unlock their garrisons over the weekend. In Wurm my deed is practically done which leaves me with plenty of time to work on my skills, though I’m not sure which one I want to work on next, it will probably be weapons. I also have my Vynora and Fo priest subscribed at the moment, and while I’m sure I’ll keep up with the Vynora, I’m not sure I need a Fo. I’m still playing WildStar, too but this week I haven’t had much time to do anything more than open boom boxes. I still have so many more to open!

Then there’s my adventures in Minecraft, which have been on hold the past two weeks due to lack of time. I severely need more time in the day to play! Hopefully I’ll have some more exciting posts to make here before too long.

What are you Playing


Can you ever play too many games? I like to think not, but has anyone decided for themselves “hey, maybe I play too many games?” – I’m not talking devoting your entire life to gaming, but I mean pure number of games.

By some peoples standards, my steam library is tiny. I think I own 200 games or so now. I don’t own a console, but I have a handful of other games that are not on steam (Mostly MMOs). In any given week I probably rotate between 4 and 15 different games, playing each of them for a few hours here and there. Some times I can get on a game bender where I play just one game for weeks at a time until I’m so burnt out that I push it aside in disgust, only to lovingly pull it back out and start playing again a few weeks later. Actually most of my steam library follows this pattern.

So what about you, how many games at a time do you play? Do you stick to your guns and complete a game before moving on to the next one (those that have ‘endings’ at least) or do you dabble around in whatever catches your fancy?

Let me know in comments below!

Choices, Choices, and more Choices #WoW

WoWScrnShot_120713_111031A few other bloggers have mentioned just how much stuff there is to do in WoW lately and I completely agree, especially if you have been away for a while like I have. I only have one level 90 character and I would like to get at least a small handful of my alts up to 90 before the next expansion. I’ve slowly been leveling my shaman who just reached 87 yesterday. I also have a 85 paladin, druid, and an 86 warlock not to mention my newly created 15 warrior, a level 2 rogue, and a level 24 monk. Oh, and a horde deathknight that I believe is level 67 or so.

There’s pet battles, collecting new pets, working on crafting, collecting recipes, and achievements just to name a few things I’m interested in. I’ve done timeless isle enough that every alt has a full set of gear – except my main – I can not for the life of me seem to get a cloth robe to drop. I’ve gotten everything to drop, multiples of most of it and not a single chest piece for the priest.

I managed to finish all but one “way of” for cooking, the last one requiring about 250 white turnips before I can complete it, so I’ll be farming for a little while first. I could try to buy them all from the broker but I would rather collect them myself. Once that is completed I can move on to completing my recipes and factions.

I’ve also been working on Shado Pan faction, and I still can’t ride a serpent mount yet (faction required). Faction grinding is the reason I left WoW to begin with, but it hasn’t been bugging me yet since I’ve been back, in fact I quite like the process since it requires no thought (and that’s what I was looking for). Whether or not it will continue to hold my attention has yet to be seen, but in the mean time I’m having a lot of fun.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!