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Keeping Up With The Gamers #MMORPG

If you’re one of those gamers who likes to taste a little bit of every game, this has probably been an expensive year for you. Whether you’re only interested in MMOs or if that extends to single player, it doesn’t … Continue reading

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2012: Game Year in Review (The Year of the Wurm) #WurmOnline

January: I fell in love with Wurm Online, and my readers dropped to the lowest I’ve ever seen them. Turns out that even though I adore playing this game, very few people like to read about it. Not a big … Continue reading

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Healing Polaris #TSW #TheSecretWorld

I’m still making my way through Kingsmouth, it feels like I’ve been there forever now. I’ve actually been having issues with the ‘feeling’ of The Secret World, and no I don’t mean the game play but of course once again, … Continue reading

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It Takes Two To Tango #TSW #TheSecretWorld

Well, it looks like the fates aligned for me when it came to The Secret World. I had held off purchasing the game and was making my way through the free trial when Amazon put it on sale, 50% off. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Kingsmouth #TSW #TheSecretWorld

Ah, Kingsmouth, home of.. well, these days many zombies. Dead people, screaming people, loud sirens, and zombies. So many zombies. That’s right, I’ve found myself smack dab in Funcom’s The Secret World. Completely unintentionally, as I really didn’t have any … Continue reading

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