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Thoughts on Staying Power #MMORPG #EQ2 #SWTOR #WoW

  This post may come off a little negative, but that’s not how it’s intended. I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to why SWTOR didn’t grab me, or rather, it did, but couldn’t keep me. One of the … Continue reading

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A Sith Corruptor’s Cape, Balmorra, and Crafting #SWTOR

First of all, a VERY happy new years from me here at MmoQuests. I spent my evening sleeping which was probably the best present ever, teehee. I didn’t make it past 10pm but I did get 8 full hours of … Continue reading

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Post-Christmas.. Post. #SWTOR #Christmas

My Operative managed to obtain her first space ship last night as I sailed into level 17. This means I also earned a second companion, one I can send out on crafting missions without having to sacrifice my safety. I … Continue reading

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Exploring Cybertech Crafting #SWTOR

There has been a lack of blog posts lately, I know. It’s that time of year when everyone is busy with their holiday cheer – and me? I’ve been playing SWTOR. In fact I’ve surprised myself with how much I … Continue reading

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Two ‘Free’ Levels, for Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent #SWTOR

  I’m not all about the race to end game (my highest character is currently level 8), but being a little higher than the quest area you’re in comes in handy for easier kills. I’ve been completing every quest I … Continue reading

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