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Picking up the Strategy Guide #Skyrim

After playing Skyrim for a few hours this weekend I realized just how massive the game really is, and I haven’t gotten ‘that far’ in it yet. I saw the phonebook sized game guide that was released, it’s 655 pages and enormous. I’m always worried about missing out on things in game because number one I’ve never played any of the other Elder Scrolls games before and number two some times I just miss things. So I decided it would probably be worth it to pick up the game guide, and now that I’ve browsed through it a bit I’m glad that I did. In fact it convinced me to restart my game, this time with a better knowledge of what I want to focus on character wise.

I love the idea of archery but in practice I suck at it. I’ve been working on shooting my arrows INTO things instead of into the dirt. Little did I know that the chickens I chose as a target can’t actually be hit by arrows. I decided to test this theory by picking off a farmer in the center of the back and WOW I HIT SOMETHING WOOHO— oh noes, guards and farmer didn’t like that and hey now I’m dead.

Having loads of fun playing this game? Yes, yes I am. In fact I’m playing it just like I play my MMOs but without the whole multiplayer aspect which is just fine by me.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


Weekend Adventures (and a lack of posts) #Skyrim #NaNoWriMo

Many many people are spending far too much time this weekend playing Skyrim. I’ve been trying not to fall behind on my NaNoWriMo (unsuccessfully, I’m one day behind so far) but with eye candy like this waiting for me it’s been hard. I’m closing in on 20,000 words, which means I’m getting closer to the middle of NaNoWriMo. The hardest part for me to write. I’m good at figuring out what happens first, and what happens last, but when it comes to all of the juicy details in the middle I tend to stutter around. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve worked things a little different this year, planning the story out one little chunk at a time, so that I have at least a rough idea of what is happening next.

Skyrim is as good as I thought it was going to be, and I’m really pleased I picked it up. I wasn’t going to, but the hype got the better of me and I’m pleased that it did. The graphics remind me a lot of Vanguard (but better) as does the wide open world. If I see it off in the distance changes are I can walk to it. I love exploring, and I’ve been picking up absolutely everything I can get my hands on that won’t land me in jail for doing so. I’m not very far into the story yet because of these things but the point is I can play this game ‘my way’ and feel absolutely comfortable doing so.

That’s been my weekend so far, although I did also spend some time in EQ2 and WoW (Fireland dailies, how I loath thee) it wasn’t very much time. My hands have been giving me some trouble as of late so I can only spend 30 minutes or so typing / using the mouse before I have to take a break. Hopefully that solves itself sooner rather than later.

What about everyone else, how did you spend your weekend? Let me know in comments below! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.