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The Sims Medieval – Patch 1.3 #TSM #SimsMedieval

A lot of people have been looking forward to this patch, although there is apparently a bit of an issue if you have the digital version of the game vs. the CD version. I updated without any issues – but … Continue reading

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If I Only Had the Time.. #EQ2 #EQ #Rift #VGD

If only I had the time. That statement haunts me even to the moment that I’m typing it out. I think we live in a glorious age where there are just SO many incredible games to play – and I … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You A Story #SimsMedieval

No one knew how she became Monarch, but there she was. Good, parents eaten by whales – with one fatal flaw that I can’t reveal here because then of course all of her opponents would figure it out and her … Continue reading

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Pre-Order Bonuses and Collectors Editions #DA2 #Rift

Ah, how quickly we have moved on from the lackluster (to quote my earlier twitter comment) 2010 game releases, to the (what so far appear to be) amazing 2011 line up. March is shaping up to be a simply amazing … Continue reading

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