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Wayfarer’s Reverie #GuildWars #GW

ArenaNet added a new festival to the world on Friday, the Wayfarer’s Reverie. This is a celebration of exploration (and in preparation of GW2). The Wayfarer’s Reverie honors the traveler inside each of us, encouraging revelry and revisitation. The world is yours to explore—again … Continue reading

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Aurora Glade and Battling the White Mantle #GW #GuildWars

I’m still happily working my way through prophecies, and the story has gotten pretty interesting. As the story progresses, the missions become a lot harder as well. So far I’ve managed to complete every bonus stage, but I’m only on … Continue reading

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Into The Wilds #GuildWars #GW

As the release date for Guild Wars 2 (quickly) approaches, I’ve been meandering my way through prophecies in Guild Wars 1. Completing all of the major story lines as well as the bonuses you can find in each mission. So … Continue reading

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The Death of Prince Rurik #GuildWars

I haven’t given up on Guild Wars, today is a stress test for Guild Wars 2, and I’ve decided to avoid it. I have already purchased the game and am just waiting for it to go live. So I’ve been … Continue reading

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From Yak’s Bend to Grooble’s Gulch #GW #GuildWars

The learning never stops – today I finally figured out that each map icon that is a shield is actually a mission hub, and if you complete it your shield gains a sword icon – if you complete the mission … Continue reading

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