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Why so Much Emphasis?

After reading a number of early morning blog posts left over in my RSS reader from yesterday, I found myself wondering: Why do gamers put so much emphasis in what we and others are playing. Especially others. Why do we … Continue reading

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Fallen Earth Mobile Companion App Launches

Yes, I picked up this app for my ipod, and this week I also managed to pick up a WoW authenticator which I’m pleased as punch about (not to mention it came with a cute little in game puppy pet). … Continue reading

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Learning the Fine Art of Combat

In my previous post on Fallen Earth I was asked how combat worked, what I thought of it. Since I’m 100% newb when it comes to the combat of Fallen Earth (and similar games) I’m going to talk about it … Continue reading

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A Mix of Games

Yesterday morning I was heading into Aion to get some work done, but alas the game was down for patches. So I decided to turn to Fallen Earth – which was also down for patches until 5pm EST. Dang it! … Continue reading

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Exploring Fallen Earth – First Impressions

I managed to get myself a 15 day trial to Fallen Earth – a game that numerous bloggers in our tight knit community have been talking about for the past few months, but I had not found the time to … Continue reading

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