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Do you Play Multiple Accounts?


When I posted yesterday I mentioned that I had started playing EverQuest 2 again – and of course it took a grand total of three days before I decided why not, and subscribed my 2nd account, too. I don’t box in every game that I play, but there are a handful that I do. I started in EverQuest, and now find it hard to even play that game without boxing. It’s mostly because of the large amount of downtime you experience as xyz class. Once I had gotten comfortable boxing in EverQuest, I started boxing in EverQuest 2. I’ve had my two accounts for a number of years now. Another game I tend to box in is EVE Online, though I haven’t subscribed for a while (don’t even tempt me). In EVE my reasons were simple, I wanted one account to haul ore, while the other one mined. This saved me a lot of time trying to load and pick up canisters of ore.

I have tried to box in WoW as well, but I have never been very good at it. I don’t know if it’s because I needed more practice or what, but I just never got the hang of it. I’ve also had two accounts in Wizard101, so that I could complete battles easier / faster when no one was around to group with. The older I get (har) the more difficult I find it is to find ‘like minded’ players to group with. Plus some times I’m just not feeling that social, but I don’t wan to be held back in content. I have a small exclusive group that I play with but our hours don’t always match up and we all have busy lives.

I think it would be nearly impossible for me to box in WildStar unless I grew another set of arms to be able to move my characters outside / into telegraphs and adjust. There’s just so much action and movement going on that I would probably find it stressful and annoying. That’s not a bad thing, some games are better experienced by not boxing. There are also times I just don’t want to box, and prefer to focus on one character at a time.

So, how about everyone else? Do you tend to box in your video games or do you focus on only one account at a time? Let me know in comments!



I can’ t speak for everyone here, but I know that personally, my time is way too valuable to be playing a game I don’t enjoy. If it’s not fun and constantly makes me feel negative or paints things in a negative light, it’s time for me to move on. I understand us gamers can be a pretty passionate bunch and some times it is perceived as us feeling negative about a game when in actuality we’re just really really passionate, but I also think there’s a way to convey that passion without getting all up in arms. Unfortunately not everyone feels the same way.

I suppose I’m feeling a bit nostalgic these days. Blame it on age. I long for the days where we all had an MMO ‘home’ and didn’t jump around from game to game. I have recently started playing EverQuest 2 again – even though I had stopped playing for a few years. It’s a comforting game and a few of my friends still play even with the lure of other shinies in the distance. I envy them and their dedication.

I wonder some times what things would have been like had I just stuck to one game. What if I was still playing EverQuest as my only game of choice? What character would be my main, what would my gear and aa look like. I don’t regret the fact that I play so many games because I have met some lovely people, experienced many game components, and have had fun in each and every one of them, but still. There are those days where I can’t help but think back.

EverQuest – Call of the Forsaken #EverQuest #EQ

Last night at SOE Live there were two pretty important events that were streamed for those not attending. One was the general welcome and address, which was alright. There were a lot of jokes and waiting for the crowd to respond. The quality of the stream was far superior to what it was last year, so if you’re looking to get some SOE Live updates yourself, don’t hesitate to head on over to their twitch channels¬†where you can find recordings of the previous events.

While most people are probably waiting for some news about EQNext, I was most interested in hearing about the expansions coming out for EQ and EQ2. I was certainly not disappointed with the information revealed about EverQuest.

The 20th expansion is named Call of the Forsaken, and releases around the end of September if all goes to schedule. Folks can start signing up for the beta a bit later in August. The expansion has a few key features that I’m pretty excited about. First of all, you’ll be able to level your mercenary up. That wasn’t explained in great detail yet but it did seem pretty neat. You’ll also be able to participate in new LDoN (Lost Dungeon of Norrath for those unfamiliar with the acronym) type missions which I am VERY excited about. These missions are going to be tailored to the type of group that you zone in with. The keynote mentioned it will take numerous things about your group make up into account and then provide you with an adventure where everything is customized towards your group, from loot to mobs.

Players will also get to explore old zones that have been talked about in lore and have (in some capacity) been in game since the very beginning, but this will be the first time we’re able to explore them. Zones mentioned were Dead Hills and Neriak 4th gate. I am very excited about that.

The lore of the game ties to EQ2 – apparently everything is started by a dragon from EQ2 who travels back through the Ethernere and shatters the barriers between realities.

There were also lots of new announcements that were centered around the 15th anniversary of EverQuest – like new race / class combinations being revealed. Players will (according to the keynote) vote for these at a later date. Also the new heroic heritage zones being released, Nagafen’s Lair and Mistmoore Castle – I am VERY excited about Mistmoore Castle! More hero’s forge armor, too. In specific robes. New colours new reforged versions which we’ve been wanting for quite some time.

The forums have been a bit negative about the new expansion – not because they’re not excited, no, but a lot of vocal players are mentioning that T4 of the previous expansion JUST released, and it’s too soon for a new expansion to be coming out. Guilds don’t even have the latest raids on farm status yet, and they want some time with their shiny new gear before it’s all made obsolete. This is the sort of thing I love about EQ, players are being frank and upfront with their opinions and it’s NOT the typical opinion that you may expect.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

The Return of King Xorbb #EverQuest

EQ000094Last night I found an instance that I dislike more than the Veil of Alaris instance where you’re floating about on little disks. Yep, it would have to be ‘The Return of King Xorbb‘. This mission was annoying – and not only because it bugged when we got the named down to 10% and it reset. Our tank got launched into the ceiling and stuck, which caused all the mobs in our encounter to warp around the room and finally present us with a ‘such and such is too far out of the area – you fail!’ message. Great.

The fight is basic but there’s a lot going on. There’s King Xorbb who you fight. He has a reflective lens that you can remove. It’s a 70% chance to reflect. Painful. He has a stat reduction. He also charms after he emotes to a person. There are lasers that go off but you can avoid these by standing in a corner.

Every 4 minutes or so he’ll turn non aggro and four adds will spawn. One goblin can be mez’d, but it’s light blue so you may as well burn it. There’s fungus men that can be rooted, and the minotaurs are immune to root mez charm stun etc. Annoying. These mobs are not too bad and you should have enough time left over to catch your breath before Xorbb goes aggressive again.

On top of the four adds and King Xorbb, there are mini named that spawn based on Xorbb’s health. There are five of them. All sorts of craziness ensued. King Xorbb is no pushover when it comes to health points either. After the mission re-set the first time we attempted it again and it went much better. Still the tank died about 10 times and my enchanter 5. Our reward for our efforts was a warrior only axe that no one could use. Shoot. Of course we also got the achievement for getting it done, I’m pretty sure we went because Alix (a rogue friend) required this as her very last group mission to complete all of the RoF missions. I’m glad it’s finished but I sure won’t be going back anytime soon.

Blessed Underfoot Prayer Shawl #EverQuest



While end game players are exploring around the final installment in the Heart of Fear, I’ve been doing some crafting. Of course don’t let that fool you, if I were geared up enough I’d want to be in the heart of fear too. Although I did manage to play a bit with my regular group, this week has been quite busy all around.

So in the meantime I’ve been working on my prayer shawl 2.0. It’s an incredibly lengthy quest that takes you through each of the Underfoot zones. There’s killing involved along with the crafting which is well beyond what the current cap is so you should be prepared for a few failures – although I haven’t failed any of my combines yet, I DID accidentally eat one of the food turn ins I needed to make. Whewps.

In other news I’ve decided to try to apply to a raid guild on Drinal. A part of me is very nervous about this and another part is telling me that if I don’t try now, I’ll never get the chance again because who knows what will happen when EverQuestNext releases. There’s one guild in particular that a small handful of my friends have joined, so I’m going to make the attempt. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve never actually raided anything current tier in EverQuest before, so there’s (as always) a good chance they won’t want to take me along. I like to think I’m a relatively quick learner, so we’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!