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Lets Talk ProSiebenSat.1 #EQ2 #SOE

(Comic is curtsy of @CheesePirate, and was censored from the EQ2 forums) I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to speak up on my blog about this situation, because I dislike posting negativity, and it’s rare that I...


Seeing Red #EQ2 #EverQuestII

Today game update 60 was implemented, and with it a lot of pretty neat things. I do, however, have one major concern. Pictured above is what I see when I mouse over a piece...

EQ2X and My Rambling #EQ2X #EQ2

EQ2X and My Rambling #EQ2X #EQ2

Two things were brought to my attention yesterday – and a third today. First of all please understand dear readers that I am not opposed to the LDL to Crushbone move. In fact I...