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Ding – 70 and Beyond


Like I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve never actually reached level 70 in Diablo 3 before – until today, that is. Yes after finally sticking with it, I managed to inch and crawl my way through ‘master’ level rifts and bounties until I dinged 70 on my crusader. I even did a few public runs, and joined up with some others who were leveling. 65+ went much slower than the previous levels, and I realize that now that I’m 70 the game has just begun. I tried spending my bloodshards in the hopes of getting something good, but alas I was only rewarded with.. well, garbage that I ended up salvaging for crafting supplies.

Still I’m glad to have my first ever 70 character, and I’m tickled that they’ll roll over to a regular character at the end of the season. That gives me time to work on paragon points, which I also have never had before (obviously). I also want to create my first hardcore character, of course they probably won’t be my last, considering I die enough on non-hardcore things. I’m thinking of going with a demon hunter, but I know a lot of people prefer the wizard. Undecided, in any case.

I spent a good part of my weekend leveling up, so I took a break last night and played some Sims 4. Of course I also caught a cold, because why not, so I’ll keep this post nice and short so I can get back to resting up. As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Diablo 3: Season 2


I never really got into Diablo 3 when it first came out, even though I purchased the expansion, it was more out of habit than any other reason. I enjoy the game, but playing alone typically bores me and I gave up before too long.

Now that season 2 has begun I decided it would be the perfect time to start over, since your character is temporary. I created a crusader this time around, having never played one before. My main character  before this season was a witch doctor, who I enjoyed playing but only got to level 43 or so.

At level 8 I got to explore whimsydale for the first time. You used to have to collect items to spawn a way into the zone, but now you can get a treasure goblin that opens a portal for you. I didn’t know about this until it happened, and I was surprised to get beaten to death by unicorns and teddy bears. It was fun, bright, and painful.

I managed to do a few campaigns with friends which made all the difference in the world, and after only a few hours of playing over this weekend I’m sitting at a comfortable level 43. I’m hoping to finally make it to level 70 for once, since I’ve never reached it before. It helps that this game is basically a loot pinata, there’s treasures falling from the sky no matter what you do. I tend to play on ‘Master’ mode, which means the game is a challenge, but not too challenging. I can’t access the higher difficulties since I’ve never had a character of the required level.

I see a lot of people are already 70 and working on gear sets. I don’t have a clue what this even entails, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. I typically stream my game on my forge account, which I’m also having a lot of fun with. I’ll go into more details about forge in tomorrow’s post. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Lets Not Think For a Bit


I didn’t quite make it to level 60 before Reaper of Souls released, but I am at level 52 with my witchdoctor, which is better than the 46 I was last night. I know, I should be 60 already, I should have multiple levels capped, and I should have stayed up last night waiting for the release. Ah well.

Diablo was never a game that really appealed to me at the start. Mouse click movements hurt after time, and I just didn’t “get it” at all. Things have changed, and now I enjoy it a huge amount. Sometimes I just don’t want to have to think. I want to play through a story, feel like a big damn hero, and earn awesome loot. I don’t always have hours to do this. Sometimes I might have 20 minutes, other times longer. Diablo is probably one of the best games I own for getting me into a game quickly, running around for 15-20 minutes, and feeling like I’ve actually done something. As my time becomes more and more valuable, this feature appeals to me more and more. I know, I’ve ranted about it at one time or another on here.

Are you playing Diablo 3? Looking forward to the expansion? What about the game appeals to you? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Blizzard Gets Me



This week has been pretty exciting for a number of reasons, but also pretty expensive. Blizzard seems to know exactly what to put out as a pre-order and deluxe edition bonus, and lets face it, I’m a sucker for those items. That means that I picked up the new Diablo 3 deluxe edition for the treasure goblin pet and other goodies, along with the new World of Warcraft deluxe edition for the pet, and the mount, AND I played (and won) three games of Hearthstone in order to get the mount from that event, too.

These are not complaints by any means, I am excited about each of these pets, and I had fun doing the Hearthstone event. I’ve been having a good time playing Diablo 3, it’s perfect for those days I have limited time and just want to make something explode. My Witchdoctor is level 40, the highest I’ve ever gotten. Tying games together with rewards isn’t anything new, but the rewards from Blizzard’s events lately are ones that really appeal to me. Especially since my collection of WoW pets is still growing.

Have you picked up any of the deluxe editions of a game because of the rewards they gave you (Landmark also comes to mind) in other games? Let me know in comments!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Beating Diablo III

UntitledUnlike a lot of my gamer friends, I’ve never really been interested in the Diablo universe before. Diablo III was my first experience at all with the game, and since the latest big changes, I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit.

Last night my witchdoctor reached level 37, and I defeated Diablo for the first time. Of course once that was done I ramped up the difficulty, and started playing through again. It’s one of those games I can play that doesn’t require me to exert a lot of effort, which I know sounds badly but I honestly mean it in the best way possible.

Since starting my new job with Carbine Studios I don’t have nearly as much free time as I used to have. In my old jobs, back when I did work that involved videogame news, it was a lot of frantic active traffic filled in with luls. There was a lot of time to game, and I could flip between games easily. Now I’m wondering if I don’t want some sort of schedule so I can still play the games I love and enjoy without feeling as though I have neglected some other game. Anyway, back on topic. Diablo III is one of those games I can play for an hour a day and feel as though I have accomplished something wonderful. That’s very important to me with my limited time.

I haven’t tried another class yet because I’m determined to get at least one character to 60. I did pre-order the expansion but I’ll also admit that the biggest reason was because it comes with a pet for World of Warcraft. If there’s one way to get me to buy expansions and digital collector’s editions, that would be the way. I now proudly own a goblin treasure hunter.

Leveling has been incredibly fast with the 50% bonus to experience turned on in preparation for the expansion, as well as bonuses based on how many are in your party, the difficulty of the game (which you set), and any buffs you may encounter along the way. I went from 32 to 37 in the hour I played yesterday. Now, you may think that is far too quick, but since they’re trying to get people in and playing before the expansion, I think it’s understandable. They want you to realistically gear up for the next part. A reason to buy that next expansion.

Are you playing Diablo III? Going to pick up the expansion? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.