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Trials with Landmark Combat

Players in Landmark are able to do some incredible things, but without a combat system (aside from pvp) the game didn’t really feel like a ‘game’. After a 48 hour downtime, there are now creatures added, so I decided to … Continue reading

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Xanadu Impalong

Once or twice a year, depending on the server, a player run event takes place called an “impalong”. Started years ago, this event brings together wurmians of all walks of life, for games, contests, community, and of course, improving items. … Continue reading

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Recent Sims 4 Updates

There have been a handful of great updates for the Sims 4 lately, and of course I had to check them out. Unfortunately one of the biggest problems I have (my screen going black every time I enter design mode … Continue reading

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Challenge Servers

Wurm Online is an interesting game. Every year or so a new ‘thing’ happens that causes a brief influx of characters. This is typically another server, and this year was no different except that the rules on the new server … Continue reading

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Do you Feel Bad when you Don’t Feel Like Gaming?

Lately I just haven’t felt like playing an MMO. While I really enjoy WoD, I dislike that the first hour or so of every play session is spent working on my garrison. By the time I’m done with them I … Continue reading

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