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  1. pkudude99 says:

    I’m much the same in EQ2 — I just can’t go back. any time I get the bug and re-install it and load in, I have to redo my AA’s, but I don’t know how to do it since I don’t know what other changes have been made, etc. So I tend to wander around a little and then log back out and think to myself “That was a silly waste of time.”

  2. Jeromai says:

    I bought and keep TESO installed, but I never quite seem to find the time or the motivation to play it seriously enough to move beyond the first zone. I’m still having difficulty facing the fact that time is limited, I’ve already prioritized two other MMO equivalents, and that I would rather be playing Skyrim if I magically had more time. But y’know, maybe I can still squeeze in TESO in there somewhere!

  3. Grezar says:

    For me it is Star Wars The Old Republic. I loved that game, played the beta and have the legendary box for the game. The problem I can not justify subscribing to the game when (in my opinion) Guild Wars 2 is a better game based on the buy to play platform. Star Wars has a lot of content do not get me wrong. It is just if you do the free to play, the exp given to you is as slow as an AT-AT. I do not want to have to do all the planet’s missions just to level up enough to go to the next planet as a bounty hunter and then when I do that planet with my sith be bored because I am just doing the same missions with maybe different dialog options. Now Guild Wars 2 doesn’t come close, in my opinion, to the average quests you can do in Star Wars Old Republic (though when stories start to get epic Guild Wars 2 starts to out sign Old Republic, and Guild Wars looks nicer than Old Republic) and you can play as much as you want once you paid for the game. Old Republic on the other hand, you have to subscribe to truly enjoy the game without fun-crippling restrictions.

  4. Telwyn says:

    I think Rift is probably the closest game to this for me, I want to play it but not as much as other games and I just find it hard to get back into when I’ve tried. It’s a shame as it has some lovely features, but the whole somehow doesn’t keep me interested.

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