Sunday: Meals for the Week

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  1. Jeromai says:

    If you like chickpeas as well as lentils, I’ve found they’re a very useful ingredient to have in the fridge, boiled up with broth and bay leaves and ready to go. Spoon both together, mix with vinegar and black pepper (or a more refined salad dressing – me, I’m just lazy) – instant “lentil chickpea salad.”

    Add cheese or other ingredients to have more than a two ingredient salad; mash with something spreadable (e.g. cream cheese, egg mayo) and top bread or crackers; you could probably engineer them into a soup or sauce or stew too, but honestly, I never get much beyond the combine-both-call-it-a-salad-and-spoon-it-into-my-mouth stage. It’s just too easy and tasty. 😉

  2. coppertopper says:

    Just wanted to say I made 2 meals off that website you linked last nite. One in the slow cooker and the other for that evening. Great source – thank you! Been using the heck out of my pressure cooker for the last year – such an amazing tool. Replaced 2 other appliances. Being able to saute stuff in it then add the rest of the ingredients and change to pressure cooking mode – such a useful thing to have in the kitchen.

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