Knitting for Me

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4 Responses

  1. Shai says:

    It is pretty. Does the yarn make the alternating color vs grey rows automatically? I’ve always been a bit baffled by how this can be accomplished with such tidy-looking rows when the dyer has no idea what the yarn will actually be used for!

    I can appreciate the sentiment about making something for yourself. It’s been a while since I did any amigurumi (or anything else) for myself and now that I have all that new yarn I’m really getting the itch!

  2. stargrace says:

    @shai – it’s hard to see here, but it’s actually two balls of yarn, one in green (and the green changes colours from a bright green to a deep dark green), and then the purple / blue ball. The row changes are my doing, I swap colours every 2 rows (slipping the first stitch of the 2nd row is what makes it neat and tidy along the edges).

  3. DiscGrace says:

    I love the colors, and the plan to make something just for you. I tried crocheting myself a scarf twice. The first one I gave up on and the second one ended up as a gift despite my intentions. Maybe it is time to try again!

  4. Atheren says:

    The scarf is beautiful. I love the colors. I only crochet, and my first effort with a scarf is with the Caron Cakes yarn. The pattern seemed very simple, and I was briefly happy with how it was going. Then it began to twist upon itself and it was hard to hold, it was so twisty. I’ve let myself get discouraged by that, but will return to it when cooler weather comes. Maybe it will untwist as I go.