Changes at MmoQuests

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2 Responses

  1. Shai says:

    YAY! I think this is a great idea! I follow you here, on Okanagan Knits, and the blog you started for Leo, and have nothing against seeing your content merged together. (Possibly I am biased since I write whatever I want on Incyanity but that’s beside the point.) I don’t read all the gaming posts since some of what you play is outside my specific interests but it’s still nice to have the opportunity to get to know you better overall. I have been hoping for more knitting (or crochet!) posts from you too!

    If merging your blogs makes it easier on you and helps keep you motivated to post, I say do it. 🙂 Ultimately I think you ought to write for yourself first anyway!

  2. Bhagpuss says:

    Having one blog with subject categories seems eminently sensible. MMOQuests is an odd title for a mixed-topic blog but then it’s not as though all you posted about was MMO quests anyway…