Slow and Steady

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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    Five years, twenty level 80s and 10,000 hours and I’ve still never completed the Personal Story on any of my characters. I did kill Zhaitan in a group way back in 2012 but only to help Mrs Bhagpuss get it done. I never really saw the point.

    GW2 is all about the open world for me. The increased focus on instances for storytelling has become a necessary evil as they’ve chosen to gate various maps behind that progress. There are some good set pieces here and there but on the whole I found a lot of it quite tedious, particularly the “boss” fights.

    The heart and soul of GW2 is in the open world events, particularly the big chains designed for large numbers of people working together. There’s an unfortunate and unavoidable element of repetition (can’t just do these things once or there’s no game) but the persistent availability of action and adventure solo, in small groups or alongside large numbers of other players, all without any pre-arangement or vetting of qualifications, is the experience MMOs were invented to provide and GW2 is still one of the few that offer it and pretty much the only one that gets it right.