You’re NEVER Too Old to Learn

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3 Responses

  1. David says:

    That’s great! Go you!

  2. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    That is very freaking cool! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I never knew something like this existed!

  3. Rheyan says:

    Good for you Star! I’ve been a developer for quite a few years and it’s a very useful skillset. There are many awesome resources for programmers – Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, edX to name a few. All of a ton of completely free courses, so dive in! With Udemy there are free and paid, so just filter to the free ones. Lots of awesome stuff there! The others are mostly university based courses (online) where you can get all the learning materials completely free and only pay if you want a certificate.