EQ2 Has a New Progression Server (But it’s Not for Me)

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2 Responses

  1. Bhagpuss says:

    The EQ2 community is pretty snarky these days. The EQ one is much the same. I often turn chat off.

  2. Malfi says:

    I have to agree with you. I was working my way to level 10 last night and the amount of people sniping at each other about playing “wrong” (mainly because they were using familiar sales to level their guilds) really surprised me. But then, on the flip side, the amount of new/returning people asking for help and receiving, well, helpful responses was heartening. Call it 50/50 maybe?

    For the longest time I kept all chat channels other than say/group/guild off in any MMO I played because the general chats are usually so horrid. I’ve forced myself to turn them on lately so I can experience the “community.” I’m finding I’m happier on my own wandering the wilderness with my pets.

    I’ll gut it out for the level rewards, same as I did on Stormhold, and then head back to my usual rotation. While I think the level 10 mount is terrible, I’m interested in the level 30. And it would be fun to do some of the raids at a “real” level 50 instead of mentored down, but I’ll probably run out of steam before then. Anyway, look for Malfi if you do come on. Playing a conjy as usual. 🙂