Leveling up As a Discipline Priest

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3 Responses

  1. Carson says:

    You said you haven’t enjoyed Holy for a few expansions now.. but you are splitting your artifact development between all three specs. Do you find Holy more enjoyable now? Or are you leveling your Holy artifact just “to be on the safe side”?

    I ask because I too have a Priest main and have been “Discipline for healing, Shadow for soloing” for years now, and have never gotten into Holy. But I will definitely try a spell of Discipline solo questing after reading this. I’m currently level 107 and have been splitting my artifact power evenly between Shadow and Discipline artifacts.

  2. stargrace says:

    I actually switched right to holy after the recent class changes, no longer enjoying disc what so ever for a pure healing spec in raids / dungeons. Holy is incredibly awesome for those two scenario (IMO). Right now, if I were to give up anything, I actually think it would be shadow!

  3. Carson says:

    Sheesh, I just did my first dungeon as Discipline heals, and holy crap it was stressful. I definitely need to find some addon which can better display my Atonement buffs, I found it just impossible to track when I needed to apply them. And trying to heal while moving was a nightmare (this was Eye of Azshara where most of the fights seem to be movement fiestas).

    I’m tempted to give holy more of a try, too, now.