Trying Out Steam Link

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2 Responses

  1. pasmith says:

    I have one but you know that already. I got it at launch and ran into a lot of issues, some of which were I think the hardware (as you say, it’s had its firmware updated quite a few times) and some of which just had to do with the In-Home Streaming service. I used to have to run back and forth between systems quite a few times because so many games had some kind of pop-up that I couldn’t access on the Steam Link.

    When I just recently set the thing up again (I had put it away in favor of devoting the HDMI port to a PS3) I was delighted to find that it all just seemed to work better.

    Although thinking about it, ‘back then’ I was just using the Steam Controller (which even after all this time I probably haven’t given a fair shake) and this time, like you, I hooked up a mouse and keyboard, which just makes everything kind of easier and more familiar.

    Glad you’re enjoying yours!

  2. Derrick Whittet says:

    I’ve got such a setup with simply having steam running on my htpc (it’s basically steam link but with custom hardware and htpc functions too) and it’s been fantastic all along. Really love it.

    I’d heartily recommend the Steam Link box for someone without an htpc, as having easy PC gaming on your TV without needing the logistics of a PC-TV physical connection is magical.

    Fully, wholly and completely leaves consoles irrelevant.