Mesmer-ing Around in Guild Wars 2

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2 Responses

  1. pasmith says:

    Every time I try Guild Wars 2 the answer to ‘well, what now..’ is to go play something less inscrutable. Last time I forced myself to get to 80 since everyone says that’s where “the real game” starts but if that’s so, I couldn’t find the real game…

  2. Xinrae says:

    Hi there! is considered to be the best resource right now for builds and gear. I use variations of their dungeon builds for general PVE. The meta right now for all professions is Berserker gear, although some builds may call for Sinister or Assassins (mesmers may fit into this category).

    There’s A LOT of new stuff coming and it can definitely be overwhelming to come back to it all. I’ve had to come back to the game twice to actually come back – if that makes any sense lol. It truly helps to be in an active guild.

    That said – obligatory guild plug: my guild ( is very helpful to new and returning players. We have scheduled guild missions and dungeon runs and many friendly people willing to help others learn. We plan on having several raiding groups to fit all player styles.

    Good luck with your guardian! This was my first profession and sits a bit close to my heart 🙂