A Deed is Never Done

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4 Responses

  1. Gourdon says:

    Your statement about falling asleep from boredom is precisely my problem with Wurm. It is clearly an amazing system and world, but the gameplay is predicated upon the player’s tolerance for watching a progress bar. I understand that there needs to be a way to throttle player progress, but there are better ideas out there already. Some form of labor system where a pool grows with a larger cap than ArcheAge would be better, though players might find themselves with little to do after they use up their buffer of saved labor. My point is that I think it’s time that games stop using boredom mechanics to limit player progression and do something more creative than have the player watch a progress bar or repetitively play an inane mini-game. If such a change were to come to Wurm, it could very well end up being the ideal game for me. I imagine I’m not alone in that sentiment.

  2. stargrace says:

    I absolutely hate the system ArcheAge uses, and that would be a very fast way to get me to get me to quit. I love the method Wurm has 🙂

  3. Gourdon says:

    I wasn’t suggesting that ArcheAge be copied. I was suggesting that they find a way to throttle what can be done without wasting my time sitting and watching a progress bar over and over.

  4. stargrace says:

    All video games are time wasters, watching xyz thing over and over 😉 Be it xp bars, health bars, raid windows, or whatever. Personally, I’m glad there’s such diversity and there’s a game like Wurm, I have enough action games as it is 🙂