Lets talk about Forge

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5 Responses

  1. Talyn says:

    I sorta-kinda like the general idea of Forge. And I discovered yesterday they’re the guys behind WeGame which I used to promote quite a bit over those other capture software like Fraps.
    I don’t like that, right now anyway, there is absolutely no way to interact. I was watching Werit play STO the other day and he had questions. I couldn’t answer them via Forge so I had to answer them on Twitter, totally taking him out of the game to read what I was saying and respond. Rinse, repeat.

    Also with Steam Broadcasting that’s all in the options. Set yourself Public if you like and it’ll be just like Forge – start playing a Steam game and you’re broadcasting for anyone to watch. I have mine set to Friends so I don’t have to manually approve any Steam Friends who want to watch, they’re all auto-approved. Steam does not (yet? I don’t know what their plans are) save the broadcasts for editing and archival though.

    Maybe I’m a weird stream viewer? On large and popular channels, especially on Twitch, the chat just gets too chaotic. I can’t follow it and most is just stupid emoji spam so I get rid of the chat pane. “Kids these days,” “get off my lawn,” and all that. 🙂 But on small channels or my blogger or Twitter friends, I like to be able to chat. Ask questions, give answers, or just say “hi!” I like that they can either respond in chat or voice on the stream if they felt like turning their mic on. Maybe Forge will get to that point someday, but right now it’s a turnoff for me as a viewer knowing there’s a hard wall between the caster and the audience.

  2. stargrace says:

    And see that’s one of the things I like most, that hard wall. Because honestly I’m just not interested in communication, I just want to play, or watch someone else play. lol.

  3. pasmith says:

    I want a vote!

    I also do not want to chat while I’m playing. I’m playing a game dammit! LeaveMeLone!

  4. Gourdon says:

    I agree that the gaming streamer as reality show personality isn’t very appealing. A popular streamer interacting with their audience is not at all interesting. However, there are a lot of reasons to want audio from the streamer. If they are good at making commentary about their intentions on what they’re doing, it enhances the experience and helps the viewers become more engaged in what is going on. I also think in character dialogue with the environment will make quality entertainment as the dynamic/environmental MMOs start to come out. As the games become more like virtual realities, watching the interesting character interact with and play a role in a shared world that responds back will be some of the best entertainment available.

  5. stargrace says:

    When I’m playing a game and am very involved in it, especially an RPG or visual novel type game it is incredibly distracting to be making commentary. I still prefer to just listen to the game and involve myself in the game.